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Issue: 40 July 2020
VSD Enhancements

The VSD security display application has had a number of significant enhancements, making it more flexible and configurable than ever.

Recent additions and improvements to VSD include:

  • Improvements to external video tracker integration.
  • Support for pop-up PPI and video windows.
  • Camera slew to height above terrain.
  • Fully configurable GUI (macro buttons and colour scheme).
  • Multi-column track table.
  • Camera coverage display.
  • Camera tours.
  • RDR recording integration.

Learn more about VSD here.

Fever Detection System

Cambridge Pixel has provided a custom-developed software application to Silent Sentinel for an Elevated Temperature Screening (ETS) solution in the fight against Covid-19. The new software application is based on Cambridge Pixel's SPx AV software library, which provides modules for camera interfacing, video decoding, video processing and display.

Our engineers have responded to the short-term needs of Silent Sentinel by developing a new application that builds on the SPx AV video processing modules to add a number of unique capabilities required for this project, including: automatic face detection, alarm reporting and interfacing to video management systems.

Significant time and cost savings were achieved by reusing core capabilities of the SPx AV library to handle camera interfaces (PELCO, ONVIF), video decoding (RTSP, H.264), data recording, and display renderers.

Read the full news article here.

Redundancy, Resilience and Monitoring

Cambridge Pixel has bolstered its support for building resilience into networked solutions with the recent addition of the new SPx Monitor application. SPx Monitor automatically detects SPx-based applications on the network and alerts the user to problems or potential issues. Furthermore, SPx Monitor can automatically start applications that should be running but are not.

SPx Monitor complements other network resilience capabilities, such as the network redundancy feature built into SPx Server and standalone utilities including network input and output selector applications.

More information is available on SPx Monitor here.

Simrad Halo20+/24 Support

With Simrad's popular Broadband 4G model now being discontinued, many users are looking to the Halo20+ and Halo24 models as replacements. Cambridge Pixel has extended support for these new models within SPx Server.

The Halo20+ is broadly equivalent to the old Broadband 4G model, while the Halo24 offers improved performance and resolution from its larger antenna. Both radars are lightweight and low power, making them ideal for use in USV applications.

View a list of some of the radars supported by Cambridge Pixel's products here.

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Rob Helliar
Cambridge Pixel