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Single Lane HPx-410 Card Released
Radar Display in a Browser
ASD-100 Adds SkyVector Support
Trade Show Schedule 2021
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Issue: 43 January 2021
Single Lane HPx-410 Card Released

Cambridge Pixel announces the latest addition to its HPx radar interface card range with the single lane version of the HPx-410 card. This provides a high-performance PCIe x1 (one lane) interface with improved transfer rates (typically exceeding 200 MB/sec) and sampling up to 125 MHz. The new card replaces the HPx-400 card, offering improved capabilities at the same price.

The card is provided with a compatible software API ensuring that existing applications can use the new card without source code modification. The existing HPx-400 card is still in production, but customers should plan for a transition to the HPx-410 now. The higher specification HPx-410x4 (4 lane PCIe) card provides enhanced data throughput for the most demanding applications.

Learn more about the HPx-410 cards here

Radar Display in a Browser

SPx Radar Web Server allows clients to display radar video in a standard internet browser. The novel approach used within SPx Radar Web Server means that each client is able to request their own view of the radar, independently of any others.

SPx Radar Web Server receives polar radar video data, typically from SPx Server, scan-converts incoming video and serves each client with an image of the view they have requested. The number of clients that can be handled is limited only by the resources available to the host server machine.

The application is easily controlled via a configuration file and a Javascript API. Receiving radar video images is simply a matter of requesting a defined URL, making it straightforward to build radar displays on top of web-based map services, such as Google Maps and Bing Maps.

Learn more about SPx Radar Web Server here.

ASD-100 Adds SkyVector Support

The ASD-100 air situation display application has recently been enhanced to include integrated support for aeronautical chart data from the SkyVector internet service. These charts scale with the radar view and global coverage is available.

Charts are automatically downloaded, on demand, and cached locally. Chart data includes visual flight rules (VFR) and low/high altitude route charts. The charts are updated every 28 days to match the AIRAC cycle.

A subscription to SkyVector is required in order to use these charts but, once they are enabled within ASD-100, convenient control panels are provided to toggle the chart options.

Learn more about ASD-100 here.

Trade Show Schedule 2021

This year we are planning to exhibit at the following international trade shows:

(21-25 February) Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, is the only tri-service international defence exhibition in the MENA region.
Visit the show website
(1-4 August) National Harbour, Maryland, is organised and run by the Navy League of the United States. It is the largest maritime expo in the US.
Visit the show website
(14-17 September) is the biennial defence exhibition held in London and attracting thousands of visitors from across the world.
Visit the show website
World ATM Congress
(26-28 October) in Madrid is the world's largest international air traffic management exhibition and conference.
Visit the show website
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Rob Helliar
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