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AIS-assisted Plot Merging
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Issue: 34 January 2019
National Coastwatch Institution

Cambridge Pixel is providing coastal surveillance software to the National Coastwatch Institution's (NCI) Felixstowe station. NCI is a voluntary organisation that provides human observation at numerous sites around the UK coast, looking for anyone in distress at sea.

The combination of SPx Tracking Server and the RadarWatch display application will provide NCI Felixstowe with a significantly enhanced surveillance capability. It will allow the addition of a radar sensor to the existing camera and AIS feeds while, at the same time, bringing all of the information together and presenting it in a more user-friendly, integrated manner. The rationalisation of all available sensor inputs will allow NCI's watchkeepers to concentrate on visual protection.

As part of the NCI Felixstowe installation we have also provided a Simrad 4G radar to the charity, where it will actively be helping to protect lives.

For more information about RadarWatch, see here.

For more information about NCI Felixstowe's invaluable work, see here.

Maris Firing Ranges

Maris, a UK surveillance solution provider, selected Cambridge Pixel's tracker and RadarWatch display software as part of a safety system upgrade at a UK military firing range. The system is now installed and operational on the south coast of England, looking for unauthorised vessels entering the danger zone.

The upgrade included replacement of the existing radar with a Simrad HALO-6 solid state radar, which provides a modern cost-effective alternative to higher power magnetron-based radars. Cambridge Pixel's SPx software includes direct support for these radars.

For more information about this project, see here.

AIS-assisted Plot Merging

SPx Server has recently been upgraded with a new plot merging mode. This mode uses information about the physical size of targets from their AIS messages to combine fragmented plots intelligently.

Given a radar video with sufficient fidelity, plots belonging to the same large target may be merged together whereas those from nearby but separate targets are not merged.

The new mode is particularly useful in situations where a small vessel, for example a tug, approaches a much larger ship. The possible risk with other merging methods is that the plot from a smaller target is mistakenly merged with the plots from the larger one, potentially resulting in the loss of its track.

Learn more about the SPx Tracking Server here.

ASD-100 Enhancements

ASD-100, Cambridge Pixel's cost-effective air situation display application, has been steadily upgraded over the last few months with a number of new features and display enhancements, including:

  • Software Defined Radio
  • Reference point support
  • Plot input and display
  • Per sensor label control
  • Programmable soft buttons for configurable operator interface:
    • Remote control of other SPx applications
    • Launch system commands
    • Control ASD-100 functions
  • UTM and MGRS coordinates
  • Selectable distance units
  • Terrain elevation cursor readout
  • Compass rose
  • Enhanced range ring display and control
  • Improved area definition tools
  • Simplified operator map creation of waypoints, VORs and labels
  • Selective track display filtering
  • Status dialog showing number of tracks in system

More information about ASD-100 is available here.

2019 Trade Show Schedule

We have arranged to exhibit at a number of high-profile international trade shows once again this year. These are the shows at which we are currently committed to exhibiting:

(17-21 February) in Abu Dhabi is the largest defence show in the Middle East and one of the largest tri-service shows globally.
Visit the show website
World ATM Congress
(11-14 March) in Madrid is the world's largest international air traffic management exhibition and conference.
Visit the show website
(6-8 May) is US Navy League's annual East Coast conference and the largest maritime exposition in the US.
Visit the show website
(10-13 September) in London is the premier event in the defence and security industry calendar, now celebrating its 20th year.
Visit the show website

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