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Issue: 27 February 2017

Cambridge Pixel has recently released its new RadarVision software application. RadarVision is a novel solution to allow radar sensors to be added into security displays.

By converting the radar video data into an RTSP video stream that can simply be displayed by a normal video management system (VMS) or PC media player, RadarVision offers an extremely easy way to add radar information into the security display.

RadarVision makes the radar appear like another camera to the VMS. It even supports the Pelco-D control interface, so the operator can use a joystick to pan and zoom the radar video.

RadarVision can be supplied as a software application or packaged into a box-level solution, as part of the new RIO range.

For more information about RadarVision see here

VSD Extensions

VSD is Cambridge Pixel's integrated radar and camera video security display application, designed to address the needs of a modern security system.

VSD has recently been upgraded with a number of new features and enhancements, some of which are described below.

Track Table: this is a new popup window that displays a list of current tracks. Targets that are causing alarms are clearly marked in this window.

Track and Message Logging: tracks, alarms and messages may now all be logged to a .csv file, for easy post-event analysis.

Gates: gates are boundaries that will raise an alarm if crossed by a track. Directional gates are also supported, allowing tracks to cross without alarming in one direction but not the other.

Proximity Alarms: alarms may be raised if targets get too close to a defined point or to the coastline.

Help Feature: online help is now available, prompting the user on how to use specific controls.

Rulers and CPA/TCPA Graphics: rulers may be drawn to measure the distance and bearing of a target from the radar origin, a reference point, or from another target. The ruler display can also indicate the closest point of approach and time to closest point of approach.

Track filtering: allows the user to hide tracks that are within a configurable distance of land or a reference point.

For more information about VSD see here

2017 Tradeshows

Cambridge Pixel has another busy year of trade show attendance booked for 2017. These are the shows we will be exhibiting at this year:

"West" is the premier naval show on the US West Coast. It is co-sponsored by AFCEA Internation and the US Navy Institute and draws large numbers of naval professionals.
IDEX is a very large tri-service global defence show, held biennually in Abu Dhabi. IDEX attracts 1,200 exhibiting companies and more than 100,000 visitors from 143 different countries.
Sea-Air-Space is US Navy League's annual East Coast conference and the largest maritime exposition in the US.
MAST 2017 will be held in Tokyo and is Japan's only international defence trade show and conference. MAST has a reputation for attracting experts and market leaders in cutting-edge naval technologies.
MSPO is a major tri-service defence show hosted in Poland. Now in its 25th year, this show is expected to attract more than 600 exhibiting companies and over 22,000 visitors.
DSEI is widely recognised as the world's leading defence and security show.
Yours sincerely,

Rob Helliar
Cambridge Pixel