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HPx-346 Radar to Network Card
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Issue: 29 August 2017
HPx-346 Radar to Network Card

Expanding our range of radar input cards, the new HPx-346 is a compact, low power radar-to-network card. The card accepts a wide range of radar signal types and converts the radar video into standard ASTERIX CAT-240 data, which is then output through a standard Ethernet connector. The card is powered from a single DC supply and consumes less than 5W in normal conditions. The HPx-346 is small (measuring just 149 x 74mm) but incorporates radar interfacing, FPGA processing, CPU control and Ethernet interface.

The card may be configured using a network-based programming interface or through a standard web browser, which also supports status monitoring. The HPx-346 is compatible with Cambridge Pixel's display and processing products, such as RadarView for radar display, SPx Server for target tracking or SPx Development for customer application development.

The HPx-346 is available as a board-level product for integration into an existing enclosure or sub-system. Consult Cambridge Pixel for box-level options incorporating the HPx-346.

The HPx-346 product datasheet is available here

Simrad Halo Radar Support

SPx Server's support for the Navico maritime radars is extended to include the Halo range as well as the 4G. We have a number of customers who have successfully used the low-cost 4G radar for short-range coastal surveillance or autonomous boat applications. The enhanced capabilities of Halo provide new options for applications requiring longer range or improved resolution.

Like the 4G, the Halo provides radar video as a network stream which may be input into SPx Server for processing and target tracking, and then optionally into SPx Fusion to combine radar tracks with AIS. We can offer a wide range of options for the 4G and Halo radars, including the SPx Development library for customer application development, or ready-to-run applications for radar processing or display.

ASV Global, a leading supplier of autonomous boats, has incorporated the 4G radar in a number of projects with Cambridge Pixel's SPx Server providing the track extractor. A new project will use the Halo for its enhanced range.

For more information about SPx Server see here

Hensoldt and FLIR Camera Integration

We have expanded our portfolio of supported cameras to include models from top sensor manufacturers Hensoldt and FLIR.

The VSD security display application now has the option to support the Hensoldt Z: NightOwl M long range daylight/thermal sensor. This is an ITAR-free, high definition daylight and thermal sensor unit and has been deployed, with VSD, for a large military surveillance requirement in the Middle East. Support for this unit in VSD includes full control over pan, tilt, zoom and focus, as well as the integrated laser range finder.

FLIR's proprietary control protocol is now supported within the SPx software framework, allowing full control over multiple FLIR models, including the popular A310pt model. Full pan, tilt, zoom and focus operation is supported, allowing the camera to track moving targets or be steered manually.

For more information about VSD see here

Portable Simulator System

In order to fulfil a customer project, we recently undertook to build a portable system for simulation of multiple naval targets along with terrain and background clutter returns. The system is based on a semi-rugged portable PC and outputs the simulated radar data as signals, via a Cambridge Pixel HPx-300 card.

The host portable PC contains a built-in display screen, keyboard and trackpad. Crucially, it also provides a full-height PCIe expansion slot and could therefore be adapted for use as a portable radar display or recording system.

Web Chat Facility

As part of our commitment to providing prompt customer support, a brand new web chat facility has been added to our website.

The chat tool provides a convenient, easy-to-use interface to one of our engineers or sales people. This facility is generally available during UK office hours and is accessible from any page of our website.

Please don't hesitate to use this facility next time you have a question for us.

Don't forget, we will be exhibiting at the DSEI show in London from 12th - 15th September. You can visit us on stand S4-352 (South Hall), as part of the UK pavilion.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Helliar
Cambridge Pixel