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Audio Support in RDR
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Loudhailer Support in RadarWatch
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Issue: 35 April 2019
Audio Support in RDR

Cambridge Pixel's comprehensive data recording product, RDR, has recently been enhanced to include audio data capture from a number of different sources. This addition to RDR now means that it can provide a cost-effective recording solution for various types of control centre.

Audio may be received via DirectShow device or as network RTP data, containing PCM or MP3 payloads. Audio data may be replayed back onto the network or through the host PC's speaker/line out, regardless of the input source.

As a multi-channel, multi-format data recorder, RDR now handles the recording and replay of radar video, tracks, AIS, ADS-B, screen captures, camera video, network packets and audio, which are all synchronised within the recording file.

For more information about RDR see here.

Navigation Data Monitor

In order to assist system integrators and developers, Cambridge Pixel has released a free navigation data monitor tool. This tool accepts the most commonly used NMEA-0183 navigation sentences and displays information about their rate and content.

The navigation data monitor can receive data via serial port or network socket and includes the ability to log incoming data.

Please visit the Navigation Data Monitor page to register for your free copy here.

Loudhailer Support in RadarWatch

As part of a new customer project, support for LRAD loudhailers has been added into RadarWatch. LRAD's loudhailer systems can be steered to point at a given direction and produce intelligible audio out to 3,000 metres range. Loudhailers provide a means of communicating, warning of danger, deterring intruders or even repelling wildlife.

These loudhailer systems include an integrated camera and may also be fitted with a searchlight, providing a very effective security capability to RadarWatch users.

RadarWatch supports input to the loudhailer from pre-recorded audio file or live audio from a microphone (push-to-talk). RadarWatch now also supports the use of user-defined audio files for its alarm notifications.

Learn more about RadarWatch here.

Multi-Radar Scan Conversion

As part of our commitment to continuous evolution and development of our products, the scan conversion process has had some significant performance enhancements. These improvements have been made to the single scan conversion module in isolation but also new modes have been introduced for multiple scan conversions running in parallel.

No code changes are necessary for existing scan conversion users to benefit from the performance enhancements: simply recompile against the latest SPx library. Two brand new scan conversion paradigms are available for display of multiple radar videos:

  • Sharing of a single destination among multiple scan converters. All radars must be displayed with the same colour/brightness and use the same fading but the memory usage is significantly reduced.
  • Using single scan conversion process to generate both the live and trail history videos. This development saves CPU and memory by sharing a common set of calculations.

An application note describing how to benefit from these enhancements is available here.

General information about SPx scan conversion is available here.

Elcome Appointed in Middle East

Cambridge Pixel is pleased to announce Elcome as its official distributor in the Middle East region, covering countries such as: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Elcome is a well-established maritime system integrator and support services provider. Elcome's team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with them and they are well placed to provide efficient frontline support.

To contact Elcome please visit our contacts page.

More information about Elcome is available on their website here.

Come and visit us at the Navy League's annual Sea-Air-Space show in National Harbour (Washington DC area), 6th - 8th May. We will be exhibiting on booth 1120.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Helliar
Cambridge Pixel