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Issue: 24Feb 2016
RDR Radar Recorder - Now Supporting  H.264 Video

The multi-function data recorder software, RDR, now supports recording of H.264 video from RTSP streams and DirectShow-compatible devices, in addition to multiple radar streams, tracks, network packets, AIS, ADS-B and NMEA data. 

For applications where radar, camera (and other) sensor data are involved, the RDR data recorder provides a complete record and replay capability for trials or continuous recording. The software provides a Windows-based user-interface, or may be controlled using a network or web interface. 

See more about RDR here

Small Target Detection and Tracking

The detection and tracking of small targets is becoming increasingly important in security installations. Small airborne drones can be detected with sensitive Doppler-based radars, and once within range they can also be seen with thermal cameras. Cambridge Pixel's VSD software provides a sensor-agnostic platform for display, tracking and radar-camera integration. A small target can be acquired on radar to create a track which is then used to cue a camera.
The camera's video (thermal or daylight) may then be processed (video tracking) to follow the target and move the camera. The target's position, history and behaviour can then be used to assess the threat level. Find our more about VSD here
In the coming months we will be announcing a new capability to enhance our radar tracker with small target detection. This is intended to extend the capabilities of SPx Server to detect very small, weak targets moving in specific threat-like ways. Of particular focus is the early detection of fast, small in-bound targets.
SharpEye Radar Simulation and Emulation 
SPx Radar Simulator is a powerful tool for generating any combination of primary/secondary radar video, network, tracks, AIS, ADS-B and NMEA messages. A new development has added emulation capabilities for Kelvin Hughes' SharpEye radar. This means that the Simulator can emulate the control interface for the SharpEye and adapt the parameters of the simulation according to the requested mode of operation.
Cambridge Pixel has provided an enhanced version of its SPx Radar Simulator to OSI Maritime in Canada. The software will be used to support test and verification of the tracking and display functions of OSI Maritime's application software used in the new Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) for the Royal Malaysian Navy. Learn more about SPx Radar Simulator here.

This year Cambridge Pixel will be exhibiting at the following shows international trade shows:
  • Maritime Security 2016 East, March 21-23rd 2016 Norfolk, Va, USA
  • SeaAirSpace, Gaylord Convention Centre, 16-18th May 2016, Washington DC, USA 
  • Euronaval, 17-21st October 2016, Paris, France.

David Johnson
Cambridge Pixel