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Issue: 22July 2015
 Cambridge Pixel Queen's Award Presentation

Cambridge Pixel has received its prestigious Queen's Award for International Trade. The award recognises Cambridge Pixel's achievement in sustained export growth, which now represents 75% of its sales. At an award reception at Buckingham Palace, Directors David Johnson and Richard Warren were presented to HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip. The official award presentation was made by the Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire, Sir Hugh Duberly, at Cambridge Pixel's offices.


RDR Radar Data Recorder

The new RDR (Radar Data Recorder) provides a flexible, multi-format, multi-channel data recorder to capture and record a wide range of data types for radar-related applications. Any combination of radar video, tracks, AIS, NMEA navigation, network data (audio, sonar, H.264 video) may be captured into a synchronised, time-stamped recording.

RDR may be used as a session recorder to capture data during trials, or else may be used as a permanent incident recorder that is continuously capturing data. The product may be controlled from a local user-interface, across a network interface through an API or using a web-page interface.


For more details of RDR see here.

Radar and Camera Fusion

Cambridge Pixel has integrated its SPx and SPx-AV software with the Silent Sentinel range of daylight and thermal cameras. This allows radars and cameras to work

together as part of an integrated security solution, with radars detecting targets at a distance and then directing the cameras.


The SPx software offers modules for both radar and video tracking, allowing a target to be detected and acquired at longer range with the radar and then followed by cameras, either based on updates from the radar or by analysis of the camera video. Data from co-operating targets, such as ADS-B from aircraft and AIS for shipping, may be used to remove known-good targets and help identify potential threats.


Kelvin Hughes' CxEye software is based on the SPx modules and provides integrated radar and video display.


SPx Radar Simulator - Mixing Real and Simulated Video

SPx Radar Simulator offers a powerful capability for creating simulated multi-radar video, along with synchronised tracks, AIS and NMEA navigation data.  The software provides a limited capability for simulating clutter and weather, but in one mode of operation it can accept real radar video (live or recorded) and insert simulated targets within the video. This provides a combination of real video, for assured realism of the clutter, and simulated targets of specified size and motion.

Real radar video (left) is used by the simulator as a primary source of data with a simulated target (circled in right image) added. The size and dynamics of the simulated target are fully programmable.


For more information about the SPx Radar Simulator, see here.

Cambridge Pixel at DSEI, London, 15-18 Sept
Cambridge Pixel will be at the DSEI show in London 15-18 September 2015. Come and see us at stand S4-353 in the UK Pavilion to see our latest demonstrations and products. 

Please contact us in advance of the show if you have requirements to discuss or you would like to see specific demonstrations.

For more details about DSEI 2015 click here.

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