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Issue: 18January 2014
 Previewing the SPIE Security Show

Cambridge Pixel will be exhibiting at the SPIE Security show in Baltimore (May 5-9) demonstrating its new software products for the security market. With a growing level of activity in military and asset security, Cambridge Pixel will be demonstrating its integrated suite of software modules for radar and video processing, display, tracking and recording. As the core of a sensor-rich security display, Cambridge Pixel's software interfaces with radar with cameras to extract, process and display sensor information. Targets may be acquired through radar and then tracked by a combination of radar and video cameras.

Radar Conference - ASTERIX CAT-240 Paper

Cambridge Pixel presented a paper at the 2013 International    Radar Symposium in Bangalore on the subject of radar video distribution using ASTERIX CAT-240. This is becoming the standard method of radar video distribution over LAN and has already been adopted by a number of radar manufacturers. A copy of the paper is available here.


Cambridge Pixel's SPx Development library provides modules for generating and receiving ASTERIX CAT-240 radar video, optionally with compression. Products are available that can receive proprietary network formats or radar signals (video, trigger, ACP/ARP) and convert to CAT-240. The SPx Simulator application  (details here) is capable of generating ASTERIX-240 video, along with CAT-48 tracks and NMEA navigation data.

RDS-100  Radar Record and Replay
The RDS-100 product family combines Cambridge Pixel's SPx software and HPx hardware to offer cost-effective and highly flexible products for radar record and replay. Single or multi-channel radar recorders, also capturing AIS and network data, are available - see here for details.
The recorder can also be used to capture ASTERIX CAT-240 and related navigation data from NMEA inputs. Up to 3 radars can be recorded using multiple HPx-200 cards and then replayed with the HPx-300 card. The RDS-100 can be provided as an integrated PC-recording system, or else supplied as hardware and software components for OEM integration.

Radar and Video Distribution System for Exelis

Cambridge Pixel has supplied its SPx radar and video distribution and display software to Exelis in Chesapeake, Va, USA to upgrade ships of the Norwegian Coastguard. The coastguard's ships provide a multi-screen operator display of data from three on-board radars and three surveillance camera. The radar and camera data is received by a server unit which digitises and compresses the signals for distribution across an Ethernet network. Two operator consoles receive the network data and provide a triple-screen multifunction display with scan converted radar, maps, overlays and camera video. A software-based screen recording capability captures the contents of the two displays for incident analysis.


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