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Issue: 17August 2013
Cambridge Pixel News

Cambridge Pixel will be at the DSEI show (see below) next month and also at the International Radar Symposium in India later in the year, where we will be presenting a paper. In this newsletter we are previewing our new HPx-300 Radar Output card and describing recent work to support the Simrad broadband radars.


Cambridge Pixel at DSEI Show, London

Cambridge Pixel will be exhibiting at the DSEI Defence and Security show in London (September 10-13). Come and visit us on stand S3-337 and see our latest software, including our new Radar Simulator, Target Tracking and Radar Display products. We will be exhibiting along with our partners Concurrent Technology (single board computers) and Tech Source (video and graphics) and will be showing a fully integrated demonstration of radar and video distribution on rugged, compact processing hardware, with GPU acceleration.


If you would like to meet up with Cambridge Pixel's engineers please let us know ahead of the show so we can make arrangements. It will be an ideal location to meet and demonstrate our latest products, including a preview of some important new developments that we will be announcing later in the year.


For more information about the show, visit the DSEI website here.

Previewing the new HPx-300 Radar Output Card
Cambridge Pixel's new HPx-300 Radar Output Card generates radar signals (video, trigger, azimuths, ship heading marker etc) based on video data provided to the card over the PCI express bus. The card provides considerable flexibility with the specification of signal types and voltages, allowing a wide range of radar types to be simulated. The card is designed to work with SPx software products including SPx Radar Simulator, which generates simulated video and terrain data, along with AIS, tracks and GPS data, and can be used with the SPx Development software to build radar video recording, streaming, training or specialised test applications.
The card can be fully controlled to generate a wide range of PRFs, scan rates and scan types (including rotating, sector and random). The output timing is slaved to the arrival of data through the PCI interface, allowing the card to be used for low latency streaming of video across an Ethernet network with reconstruction of the radar signals.
The card will start shipping in September and will be available with a basic board support library, the full SPx Development software and the SPx Radar Simulator application.   

Simrad 3G and 4G Radar Support

The SPx Server software now supports the Simrad Broadband 3G and 4G radars, including control of the radar, target tracking with full auto-initiation in configurable areas, radar processing, recording and display. The Simrad radar provides excellent capabilities in a compact, cost-effective package and has been used by a number of our customers for unmanned vessel applications. The radar outputs video directly across a network interface, allowing the SPx Server software to connect without special interfacing hardware. Targets can be extracted and video can be recorded and displayed. For more information on the Simrad 4G radar see here.     


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