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Issue: 16April 2013
Cambridge Pixel

This month we describe our new simulator product which is aimed at providing our system developer customers with a powerful tool to generate synthetic primary and secondary test data for system validation.


We also describe our approach to open systems radar video distribution using the Asterix CAT-240 standard.

SPx Radar Simulator

Cambridge Pixel's new SPx Radar Simulator software is aimed at system spx-sim1developers building applications for radar processing and display. It provides an integrated and synchronised simulation of multiple radar videos, navigation data, AIS, and targets. The software permits multi-target scenarios to be created graphically and then generates representative data from static or moving platform radars, including simulation of terrain effects. The product offers support for CAT-240 Asterix radar video, NMEA AIS and can even synchronise to an existing simulator for target position input.

  • Realistic radar returns generated from terrain elevation data
  • Programmable radar characteristics, including PRF, rotation rate, beamwidth
  • Multiple-radar support
  • Programmable target sizes
  • Motion definitions for platform and targets
  • Graphical motion profile editor
  • Built-in display with scan converter, map display and targets
  • World vector shoreline underlay and terrain map
  • Platform navigation data output (NMEA)
  • Primary target track output
  • AIS target output
  • ASTERIX CAT-240 radar video output
  • ASTERIX CAT-048 target report output
  • Line-of-sight calculations
  • Altitude considerations
  • Secondary video source input
  • Slave to external target simulator

SPx Radar Simulator is available for Windows with the GUI and display support and Linux as a command-line version that accepts a configuration file. The software works with other Cambridge Pixel SPx products, or may be used as a standalone test tool.

For more information, see our web site here.

Asterix CAT-240 for Radar Distribution
The distribution of radar video over standard Ethernet networks provides for cost-effective radar distribution solutions. The Asterix standard, which was originally developed for the delivery of track information in air traffic control, supports the distribution of video through the CAT-240 message type. Cambridge Pixel's SPx library and standard RadarView and SPx Server products now support this standard. The SPx library provides a set of reusable C++ modules for generation and receipt of this format. 
The Asterix standard is increasingly being used as a standard by commercial radar manufacturers, for example in the solid-state Kelvin Hughes' Sharpeye radar. The newly released SPx Simulator (see previous article) allows the creation of target simulations that output CAT-240 video, including effects of terrain and clutter.
For a recently published white paper of open-standards for radar video distribution, see here.

Exhibiting at LAAD Defense and Security Show Brazil

Cambridge Pixel will be exhibiting at the LAAD show in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil next week, 9-12th April (booth L167A) demonstrating the latest versions of SPx Server for primary radar tracking, RadarView for display and SPx Radar Simulator.  We will be sharing a booth with our US partners, Tech Source, who will be demonstrating their range of embedded video capture and graphics products.



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