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Issue: 15November 2012
Cambridge Pixel

We have updated our web site with a fresh new look and additional technical information on our products. The new web site is at the normal location, www.cambridgepixel.com




RadarView Mapping and Terrain Options


The RadarView software package is expanded to provide rv map 2additional map display options for presentation with the radar video. The software now supports high resolution downloaded maps for most areas of the world, as provided by Open Maps. Additionally, terrain maps may be downloaded and displayed to assist with radar placement and target visibility.


For on-line mapping options, an area of interest may be terrain2 downloaded when an internet connection is available and stored on the local hard drive. A deployed system does not then need an internet connection to see map data in the configured area of interest.


In addition to these, RadarView also supports the display of world vector shoreline, ENC S57 charts and raster images. When displaying S57 charts, selected features of the charts may be displayed as underlays or overlays to the radar video.


For more information about RadarView see here.

SPx AV supports Condor VC100x H.264 Capture and Compression
The Tech Source VC100x capture and H.264 compression card is now supported as an input device in the SPx AV software library. The XMC video capture card supports multiple channels of vc 100xstandard and high-definition video, which is captured and compressed to the H.264 standard. The SPx AV software provides a flexible library and C++ API for building a full range of distribution and display solutions using the VC100X, with capabilities including network streaming, display compositing, record/replay and metadata support. To learn more about the VC100x hardware, see the Tech Source web site here. To learn more about Cambridge Pixel
Video distribution and display aided by GPU accelerated processing
SPx AV software library, see here.
A technical paper describing a video streaming application, including GPU-based accelerated processing, is available on the Military Embedded Systems web site here

DSE Select Cambridge Pixel for Military ATC


Cambridge Pixel's radar products are being used by Denmark's DSE Airport Solutions for three military airports to provide an integrated air traffic management solution for radar control and  flight plan management. As part of the upgrade, engineers needed a flexible solution for radar capture, compression and distribution which would easily integrate with their Windows-based RADIS application software.


Under the contract, Cambridge Pixel will supply its HPx-200 PCI-based primary radar acquisition cards, which will receive standard (LOG) and moving target (MTI)  video channels from the radar. Video data is then compressed and distributed using Cambridge Pixel's SPx Server software running on dual redundant server PCs. On the client side, radar is received from the network, decompressed and made available to the application software for display.


Cambridge Pixel provides primary radar display and tracking solutions for military ATC solutions. For more information see here.


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