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Issue: 14June 2012
Cambridge Pixel - Five Years Old

From 2007 Cambridge Pixel has been developing modular radar and video processing products which it now exports to system integrators in over 20 countries. With applications from fish farms to phased array naval radars, Cambridge Pixel's innovative products and commitment to class-leading technical support have been a key factor in our business success.



In this newsletter we introduce new features of the SPx library, show how the 25 Raspberry Pi single board computer can support a thin client radar display, and describe how one of our Directors spends his Saturday nights.

New SPx Enhancements

In SPx Development Library v1.49, we announce a number of enhancements:

  • QNX operating system is now supported for server processing (not display applications). 
  • A new compositing mode is supported for Windows-based radar display. The mode allows the application to provide a bitmap for graphics which permits underlays or overlays to the radar on a per-pixel basis. The new class provides considerable flexibility for display mixing and presentation of radars with legacy graphics applications.
  • New processes are provided in the SPx Development library for interference suppression and adaptive clutter removal.
    Elimination of radar-to-radar interference is supported by a new SPx Process
  • The SPx ECDIS Development library is now shipping for developers looking to build ECDIS systems incorporating radar capture, display, tracking and chart display. For more information on SPx ECDIS, see our web site here
  • SPx AV for video distribution now provides support for GPU-based acceleration of video processing, compression, decompression and compositing. SPx AV may be used with SPx for integrated radar and video applications, or SPx AV may be used standalone for video applications. For more information on SPx AV see our web site here
Raspberry Pi shows Radar

Designed in Cambridge, the new pi-logo-smallRaspberry Pi single board computer provides a highly integrated processing and graphics computer for a incredible price of 25. Designed to stimulate the teaching of computing science, the device runs Linux and provides a graphical pi-windowdesktop display using standard X Windows and Open GL graphics. Cambridge Pixel has ported its SPx radar scan converter onto the Raspberry Pi and developed a sample application that can receive radar video from a network connection, scan convert to a PPI window and display with graphics - a thin client radar display application all for a hardware cost of 25!

Learn more about the Raspberry Pi on its home page here

Midnight Rider


Cambridge Pixel's engineers are accustomed to burning the midnight oil in support of our custoRichard Cylemers, but recently Richard Warren, our Director of Software, spent a night on a 100 km sponsored Nightrider cycle challenge around London.


The event followed many months of training and praying for fine weather. Richard raised an amazing 1,600 for charity and even returned to work the next day!


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