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New HPx-200e Radar Input
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Issue: 13January 2012
Cambridge Pixel - New Product Developments

We have expanded our range of radar acquisition boards by adding the HPx-200e PCI express card.


For the ECDIS market, Cambridge Pixel announces its SPx ECDIS Developer kit allowing system integrators to cost-effectively add radar acquisition, display and tracking into their ECDIS application. 


For video applications, the SPx AV library continues to evolve with support announced for video processing in the GPU. 

SPx AV adds GPU Processing


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GPU-based automatic detection of moving objects by removal of slow-changing background

SPx AV provides a library of middleware software for video capture, distribution and display. The library now provides support for video processing using the power of the GPU. The GPU provides a cost-effective parallel processor, which is exploited by the SPX AV library to implement display enhancement and feature extraction. The SPx AV library supports decompression of H.264 video, video manipulation and overlay/watermark insertion prior to display.


For more information on SPx AV, see here

New HPx-200e PCI Express Radar Input Card
Cambridge Pixel's new PCI Express (x1 lane) radar interface hpx-200e-120card, HPx-200e, expands the options for interfacing to commercial and military primary radar systems in desktop Windows and Linux systems. The PCI express card is fully supported with Cambridge Pixel's SPx library, SPx Server and RadarView.
For more information on the HPx-200e see here

SPx ECDIS Development Kit 


The new SPx ECDIS Development kit allows system integrators to add radar display and tracking into an ECDIS client. A highly cost-efficient package comprising the HPx-200C radar input card (optionally HPx-200Ce for PCI express) and SPx-ECDIS Co-Processor combine to provide exceptional performance and ease of integration.


The ECDIS Co-Processor is a software module that handles radar input, processing, scan conversion and tracking. It provides an API to control the radar display and track processing, allowing the radar presentation and tracking to be integrated into Windows-based application software. Both manual and fully automatic track initiation (ATI) is supported.


For more details on the SPx ECDIS solution see here


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