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Issue: 12September 2011
Cambridge Pixel - New Look, New Products

We have refreshed our web site, data sheets and logo. We also have a new set of case studies that show some of the recent applications of our radar processing technology.


In this newsletter we are previewing our SPx AV software, which extends Cambridge Pixel's software into video and audio capture, distribution and recording. We also announce our new HPx-250 PMC card and report new capabilities for RadarView and SPx Server for AIS display and recording.

SPx AV for Video Distribution

Preview - Video Compression/Distribution 



Expanding the scope of our existing SPx
software, we announce the SPx AV product family for camera video and audio capture, compression and distribution. The new software comprises servers and middleware to support video capture of video, capture, distribution, recording and display. The software library supports compression, decompression and distribution of associated meta data and audio. 

The SPx AV software is built around a highly flexible middleware library supporting third party video capture cards (Tech Source, Matrox etc) for H.264 and JPEG-2000, and supports standard network cameras and PELCO-D camera control. Exploiting GPU-based compression/decompression of the video where applicable, the software handles distribution to multiple clients with monitoring of latency and quality of service controls. 


For developers looking to build distribution or recording systems under Windows or Linux, the SPx AV product family provides an integrated collection of software modules, tools, documentation and class-leading technical support. Full details of this major new product  will be announced on our web site soon. For advance information, contact Cambridge Pixel for further details.

New HPx-250 PMC Radar Input Card
Updated PMC Radar Interface Card
Cambridge Pixel's new PMC radar interface card, HPx-250, expands the options for interfacing to commercial and military primary radar systems in VME and cPCI embedded systems. The new card is form-fit-function compatible with the established PMC HPx-150 card and for most situations will be a direct replacement. The card is fully supported with Cambridge Pixel's SPx library, SPx Server and RadarView.
New capabilities of the HPx-250 include expanded interfacing capabilities and increased resolution to 12 bit sampling with the option to capture two 8-bit videos simultaneously. Read a data sheet for the HPx-250 here.  


SPx Server and RadarView Support AIS

Support For AIS in SPx Software


AIS (Automatic Identification System) is widely used by ais-shipscommercial shipping to report position and status information using radio transmissions. It provides accurate (GPS-derived) position and ship information for display and reporting and complements primary radar video. Cambridge Pixel is now supporting AIS target display in its latest SPx Server and RadarView products. The software supports display and record/replay of AIS data in addition to primary radar video.  Users of these products can contact Cambridge Pixel for an upgrade.


The SPx Extensions Library provides an API for decoding and rendering of AIS targets for custom server and client applications (Windows and Linux supported).

US CoastGuard Show, Tampa, October 25-27, 2011

Cambridge Pixel will be exhibiting at the UcgS Coast Guard's 2011 Innovation Expo in Tampa with our partner company Tech Source.


We'll be demonstrating the latest version of our SPx Server and RadarView software and previewing the new SPx AV Server and middleware software for network distribution of camera video. Tech Source will be showing their latest video grabbing and graphics hardware.


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