Feature Summary

HPx Series Radar Interface Cards
Form factor PCI (half-length) Interface (HPx-200, HPx-200C)
PCI express (half length) interface (HPx-400e, HPx-200e, HPx-200Ce)
PMC (HPx-250)
PCI Bus 32-bit, 33/66 MHz
Programming C/C++ software library
Control Board support API
SPx Development Library
SPx Server application
RadarView application
Platform Windows (7/8/10), Linux
Processor x86
Radar Inputs 2 x Analogue Video ( -5v to 5v), 50 Ohm (HPx-400e) / 75 Ohm / high impedance
8 x Digital (RS422) with external clock (2 x Digital inputs on HPx-250)
ACP/ARP (RS422, RS423, high impedance or 75 Ohm terminated discrete with opto-coupler, open-collector (HPx-400e))
Synchro/resolver (via HPx-180 companion card)
Parallel azimuth input (12 bits + clock)
Trigger (RS422, RS423, or up to 30v, high impedance or 75 Ohm terminated discrete with opto-coupler, open-collector (HPx-400e))
End of range signal (HPx-400e, HPx-200, HPx-250 only)
Radar Mixing Programmable mixing of analogue and digital inputs
Gain Control Programmable gain and offset adjustment control
Test Generator Built in analogue and digital test generator
Return Length Programmable up to 64k samples per return
Bandwidth 25 MHz (50 MHz HPx-400e) for each analogue channel
PRF 100 to 10kHz
Scan Rates Up to 120 rpm
Sample Rate Programmable up to 50 MHz (100 MHz HPx-400e) for each channel.
Trigger delay Programmable range zero trigger delay
Range correlation Programmable range decimation
Output Digitised radar video on PCI bus
A to D 12 bit sampling, with optional reduction to 8.
General Purpose IO 3 bits of configurable read/write IO
Connector 37W D connector for radar video and ACP/ARP azimuth inputs. Parallel azimuth is accessible through header connector on the card (HPx-400, HPx-200)
50W MDR connector for radar and all azimuth signals (HPx-250)
Software Board Support - Basic board support library for card control and data retrieval. One time cost for this library and no recurring costs.
SPx Library - SPx Radar processing library with support for scan conversion, network distribution, processing, plot extraction. There is a charge for the SPx Development library and then a recurring runtime cost according to deployed features.
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HPx-200 Datasheet
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HPx-250 Datasheet